BFH Production Visuals

Opus artz bfh env city1b
Skyscraper level designs
Opus artz bfh env desert
Desert Diner
Opus artz bfh env desert2
Desert level
Opus artz bfh env design1
Opus artz bfh env exterior
Exterior Design
Opus artz bfh env hhills
Hollywood hills
Opus artz bfh env interior1
Interior Design
Opus artz bfh env growhouse
Growhouse Exterior
Opus artz desert silo cell01
Silo Cell
Opus artz havana prop laudrybagdestructionsk01
Laundry Bag destruction design
Opus artz havana prop marijuana destruction sk02
Marijuana destruction design
Opus artz silotower002
Silo Tower design
Opus artz tortilla interior
Tortilla factory design

Client: Visceral Games

Notes: Production design of Environments, visuals, props and level design of battlefield hardline. Simple clean line work and flat shades were use to help level designers develop both the single and multi player environments and set dressing providing a efficient visualization of a 2D pipeline